Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dollar Tree Goodies and Lakeshore Learning Apps!

I went to Dollar Tree this weekend and found some awesome goodies for my classroom!  I had no idea that Dollar Tree made games and activities that are aligned with the Common Core Standards for each grade level!  I can't wait to try them out. 

By now you probably know that I am obsessed with Lakeshore Learning!  I love all of their products and so do my students.  On a previous post, I commented on how much my students love our Promethean Board games!  One of the games I mentioned is called Bubble Pop.  I found out that last week, Lakeshore came out with two Bubble Pop apps that are free for your ipads!  I can't wait to have my students play these during their math station.  
The only free game is the addition game, but at least that's better than nothing!  It will be perfect for my students to practice their addition math facts for fluency. 

There is also a free multiplication version for my more advanced students.  They will be so pumped since we have never played this one before!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Look Back at Unit 1 in Wonders

Now that I have completed Unit 1 in the Wonders Reading Series, I wanted to share with you some of the ideas I used with my students.
Text Evidence
I have really enjoyed reading all of the stories in the new series and having my students find text evidence to support their answer.  I taught my students to find text evidence using trackers that I purchased from Really Good Stuff.  My students keep their tracker in their caddy on their table so it is easy to pull out when we need it.  When I ask my students a question, I ask them to use their tracker to find the text evidence to support their answer.  They love using their tracker and  I was really surprised at how well they can find text evidence!  Click on the picture above to get your own trackers for your classroom from www.reallygoodstuff.com. 

Wonders Word Wall
I love my Wonders word wall that I created!  I set up my essential question and phonics skill on the left side of the board.  In the middle, I display the high frequency word cards.  On the right hand side of the board are the vocabulary words for the week.  I love having this board to use as a reference throughout the week! It also keeps everything in one place for students to use during their Sea Center time.
Sea Centers (Literacy Stations)
I use the games below in my spelling center to reinforce the spelling skill for each week. 

 I use this game board with students who need extra practice with the short a words.

 I use this game board with students who mastered the short a words, but need extra practice with long a_e words.
There are games for each unit!  I love pulling these games out each week and using them for my word work/spelling station.  They are so easy to store and the students love them!
These games can be found here.

Unit 1 Phonics and Spelling Game Boards
 Unit 2 Phonics and Spelling Game Boards
 Unit 3 Phonics and Spelling Game Boards
Unit 4 Phonics and Spelling Game Boards

Unit 5 Phonics and Spelling Game Boards
Unit 6 Phonics and Spelling Game Boards
The Wonders Phonics and Spelling game boards above were created for second graders. You will find the Wonders 1st grade Phonics and Spelling game boards by clicking here.

Wonders Apps for Ipads
The Wonders reading program also offers apps for the ipads!  We use these games in my technology center.  These apps are a great way to reinforce grammar and reading skillsYou can purchase them when you click on the links below.
 Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) Grades 3-6
 Grammar Wonderland (Primary) Grades K-2
 Word Wonderland (Primary) Grades K-2