Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Love My Promethean Board!

This year I got a Promethean Board in my classroom and I love it!  I use it everyday.  I am so use to using it that I don't know what my life would be like without it.  I find many resources at  The flip charts really keep my class engaged and involved in their learning.  Another valuable resource I came across is an interactive game called Addition and Subtraction Number Bonds.  My class is obsessed with playing the four games from this CD and I have seen an improvement in their fluency with their facts since they have been playing it.  Even if you don't have an interactive whiteboard, you may still have your students play the games on a computer.     

Another valuable resource I use with my students is the Daily Interactive Math Station from Lakeshore Learning.  I am such a huge fan!  I use this game to review some previously learned concepts in a fun and engaging way!  I like how I can choose which activities I want to use for each day of the week. 

Another game that my students really enjoy is Bubble Pop! Math Challenge.  I like how you can choose between addition, subtraction, money, and time so you get more bang for your buck!  My students love playing this game in their math station.

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