Saturday, April 26, 2014

Author's Purpose Snail

Last week in reading we studied how to determine the Author's Purpose of a story.  We read the nonfiction leveled reader from our Wonders Reading Series in our guided reading groups.  As we read the story, we discussed the various text features found within the text.  I then gave my students this cute snail pattern and told them that they needed to determine the author's purpose for writing the story.  They then used two pieces of text evidence from their leveled reader to support their reasoning.  Some of my students included facts from the story, while others told me about the different text features found in the story.  I love using guided reading books for comprehension activities so each student can have their own book to use that is on his or her own reading level. 
Look at how cute their snails turned out!  Their other reading projects from other stories are displayed behind them in the photograph.
 Click here or the picture above to get use these cute spring themed craftivities in your own classroom!

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