Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dollar Deals for Your Classroom!

I LOVE shopping at the Dollar Tree for cute items to use in my classroom.  Look at all of the cute tubs and activities I found.  I am using the red, green, and blue baskets to store all of my leveled fluency activities that mentioned to you in my last blog.  I was really excited to see that they even had a contraction game for only $1!  
   These are small dry erase boards!  Aren't they cute?!?  I was thinking of having my students use these in small groups to record their answers.  You could also use them for a vocabulary or sight word swat activity.  If you have any other ideas you can think of, please leave a comment below! 
The fish is my favorite dry erase board!  It fits in perfectly with my theme and those of you who know me know that I am in love with my ocean themed classroom!
I love this cute file folder game board.  I bought 10 so I plan on using them as a fun group or partner game to use with my task cards and question cards.
I also LOVE Target!  They put all of their seasonal summer items on clearance for 90% off!  I am using the table cloth and table runner to make it look fun and welcoming when I meet my students and parents at Meet and Greet.  I placed the grass skirt decoration around the front of my desk and I am using the small tubs for game cards. The surfboard apron is a must for when we do painting activities!  Have a great new school year!

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