Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spook-tacular Halloween and Fall Activities!
We had a spook-tacular time in reading this week!  Our learning target was determining the main idea of the text.  First, we used the leveled readers from the Unit 2 Week 4 Wonders reading series.  After reading and discussing the text, my students went "trick-or-treating" for the main idea.  Click on the picture above to get this cute craftivity for your classroom. 
They LOVED this activity!  They wrote the main idea of the text on the first candy.  Then, they wrote 3 supporting details on the remaining candies and placed them inside their trick-or-treat bag.  These are going to look so cute hanging in our classroom for our fall party on Friday.
 We have also been doing several other fun fall reading craftivities.  What is so great about these craftivities is that you can use them with any book!  What a great way to motivate your students and integrate fun activities into your current reading program!

Candy Corn Sequencing
One of my favorite students' Halloween stories is Arthur's Halloween.  After reading the story to my students, they sequenced the main events of the story on their candy corn.  These look so adorable hanging in my classroom! 

Halloween Question Cookies
 My students also loved this activity!  They used their leveled reader to create who, what, where, when, why, and how questions.  I reminded them that they needed to be able to locate their answer in the text and write it below their question.  If you lift up the cookie flaps, you will see their questions and answers on the cookie tray!

Fall Main Idea Tree
Main Idea is a big focus in Unit 2 of the Wonders reading series.  This fall main idea tree craftivity was perfect for introducing main idea, details, and main topic in my small reading groups. 

In math, we will then play Trick-or-Treat Addition or Subtraction Bump.  I hope your students have a great time learning this week!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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