Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Comprehension Cookies and Let's Shed Some Light on the Author's Purpose
 Comprehension Question Cookies
In my guided reading groups, we usually read and discuss their leveled readers on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I like to have my students complete a reading comprehension activity using their leveled reader.  Since the reading comprehension skill for Wonders Unit 3 Week 4  was to ask and answer questions, I thought this activity would be perfect!  After we each read our leveled reader, I had them create their own Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? questions about the story and write them on each cookie on the cookie tray.  They then wrote their answers on the back of each chocolate chip cookie.  They then put a small amount of glue at the top of each cookie to cover their questions on the tray.  Last, they worked with a partner to ask them questions about the story.  They then would lift the cookie up to reveal the correct answer.  My class had so much FUN making these!  

Let's Shed Some Light on the Author's Purpose
We also had some fun with Author's Purpose.  Last week, we reviewed the author's purpose for writing the story.  In guided reading groups, we read our story.  Each student received a Christmas light pattern.  Students used their leveled reader to determine the author's purpose.  They then had to use text evidence from the story to support their answer.  We then hung up our lights on our tree for our hallway.
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