Saturday, August 24, 2013

Take a Tour Inside my Ocean Themed Classroom!

I am linking up with Swimming into Second's Show Off Your Space linky party!
Here is a little tour of my ocean themed classroom.  First stop is my birthday beach.  I attach little crabs (from Trend) to the sand castles with each child's birthday on them.   
Next stop is my word wall.  As we learn our high frequency words we will be displaying them on our "A Whale of Vocabulary" word wall.
I display our learning targets on the front board so they can be easily referred to in my lessons.  It also allows my visual students to see what learning target we will be learning for each lesson.
After I give our spelling pretest, I write the spelling words on the board so my students can use them for their spelling station activities. 
I LOVE my Promethean board!  One of the teachers from my school was so kind enough to donate the cute ocean decorations to make it a little more snazzy! 
I have 14 jobs that I use regularly in my classroom.  My students do their job for the entire week and then get paid five sand dollars on Friday for doing their job.  I give out ten sand dollars if they receive a compliment from a teacher and twenty sand dollars if they receive a compliment from one of my principals. 
On Fridays I open up my "shop" and have students trade in their sand dollars to purchase different privileges and rewards such as a treat from the treat jar, treasure box, be the ocean king/queen for the day (they get to wear a crown), etc... (see below)

My class really looks forward to visiting the shop each week.  It also helps them learn how to count my fives, tens, and twenties, since they have to count their sand dollars prior to making a purchase.
Here is a picture of my behavior beach.  Students start on green everyday.  If a student does something really kind or helpful, they can change their card to blue.  If they break one of the rules, they change their card to yellow and then red after that.
Next stop is our math station chart.  This tells my students what math group they are in and what math station activity they complete for that day.
 They then choose their math station activity from their basket.  The hermit crabs are from Trend.
The last stop is my reading corner.  I keep this by my guided reading table so I can easily access my different reading comprehension games and activities.  The cute patterns are from Trend. 


  1. Your room looks great! I love the ocean theme. I especially love your birthday beach and the job charts. So cute! My teammate does a beach theme and I'm going to have to send her your blog link. Thanks for linking up!

    Swimming into Second

  2. Thank you for having a fun linky party to join! I'm glad you like my ocean theme. I hope your friend finds some ideas for her own ocean classroom! :)

  3. What do you use for the sand dollars? Do they keep them in their desk? Is is a log with sand dollar stamp?

    1. Hi Karla,

      Thank you for your comment. I will be posting my sand dollars to TPT soon. The sand dollars look like fake money and my students keep them in their pencil box. Some of them even make little wallets to keep them in. :) Have a great school year!

    2. Here is the link to my new sand dollar rewards, student binders, and behavior management pack! Thank you for your interest. Enjoy! :)